Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hi everyone,

I want to give a heads up on that surprise I was talking about in my previous posts. Well, here it goes...

We have been interviewed by the guys from GamerzTheatre.
This and a few other surprises will be released on Christmas day.

Coming Christmas Day!! Exclusive interview with the creators of the upcoming BF2 movie 'Sands of Fire'.

One year ago this month the Teaser for "Sands of Fire" was released. Over the past year excitement has grown as more details of the project have become known and the scope of the film has become evident.So this Holiday Season we at GamerzTheatre wanted to bring you up to date on "Sands of Fire" probably the most anticpated Battlefield 2 film of 2007.

We managed to pull the Digital Warriors team, Daniele Ciccone/ aka Little_Donkey and Davy Staelens/ aka StRuPiE, off their project long enough to grant us a in-depth interview about themselves and their upcoming film. So for all you Machinima fans, here is a real Christmas 'present'... Happy Holidays from GamerzTheatre.

Be sure to check it out!!!

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Slava said...

Looking forward to that!