Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ok boys and girls, it's time for the much anticipated update. There are several reasons why I postponed the update which I'll explain shortly. And before you become too excited... NO, the movie isn't finished yet. :)

Well, many of you will be very dissapointed at this point and feel the urge to close the blog but I suggest you read on because I have some other goodies to share. We have been very busy since the last update and not only have we been working on the movie but we have finally finished a first version of the official Sands of Fire website, I hope you guys like it. And alongside the launch of the new website I have created a forum dedicated to our project. The website will focus on the main release of the movie while the forum will be used for fans to gather and discuss anything they want in relation to the production.

The places to be... (don't forget to place it in your bookmarks)

The forum also features some indepth information about Little_donkey and me. I think many of you will find it interesting to read about our past and present projects. Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to post in any thread you like. There are specific threads for questions, opinions and fan related stuff. I'd really appreciate it if you guys would register and introduce yourself to the SoF community (that's what it is made for afterall). In the future I will also add new information, post some behind-the-scenes stuff and other goodies you guys definitely don't want to miss.

And to celebrate the launch of these sites I have prepared a competition. That's right, there will be a wallpaper contest starting 1st of March running till April 30th. And of course, no contest without prizes so we will grant prizes to the first 3 winners. The third place winner will receive a copy of the SoF DVD (autographed by Donkey and me and sent to you on our expense). The second place winner will receive a copy of the SoF DVD AND a 1 month rapidshare account. And the big prize, first place winner will get a copy of the SoF DVD AND a 1 month rapidshare account AND featured on the official website upon release of the movie AND a special surprise we can't tell yet ;). The rules and submission details are available on the forum in the Fan Art section, so be sure to check that out! I'm very excited to see what great artwork will pop up by our fans. So I encourage all of you to participate and may the best win!

Ok, that being said, how about a status update. Right, after all the excitement I would forget about it. Seriously, we have made a huge step forward towards the final editing of the movie. It means that the compositing has been wrapped up (finally) and the rough editing has been finished. This leaves us with the soundfx, music and tweaking. The tweaking part has already begun. Currently, I'm locking the movie so I can send it over to Justin. He will start working on the music once it's completely locked (hopefully next week). Yes guys, we're getting there... we're finally getting there!