Monday, December 25, 2006

The Digital Warriors team likes to wish their fans a Merry Christmas!

And as promised, today we released a few presents ;).
I suggest you all go directly to the website of GamerzTheatre and take a look.

There's an interview on this page. And on this page you can find a few streamings and download links to the Preview. Yes, that's right... after exactly one year this is the second trailer of the movie.

I will be posting a few mirrors as soon as they are available.

For now, enjoy it and don't forget to leave your comments as we're very eager to hear what you guys think about it :D.

Oh and btw, we have added a few new goodies, check it out!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hi everyone,

I want to give a heads up on that surprise I was talking about in my previous posts. Well, here it goes...

We have been interviewed by the guys from GamerzTheatre.
This and a few other surprises will be released on Christmas day.

Coming Christmas Day!! Exclusive interview with the creators of the upcoming BF2 movie 'Sands of Fire'.

One year ago this month the Teaser for "Sands of Fire" was released. Over the past year excitement has grown as more details of the project have become known and the scope of the film has become evident.So this Holiday Season we at GamerzTheatre wanted to bring you up to date on "Sands of Fire" probably the most anticpated Battlefield 2 film of 2007.

We managed to pull the Digital Warriors team, Daniele Ciccone/ aka Little_Donkey and Davy Staelens/ aka StRuPiE, off their project long enough to grant us a in-depth interview about themselves and their upcoming film. So for all you Machinima fans, here is a real Christmas 'present'... Happy Holidays from GamerzTheatre.

Be sure to check it out!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Here's the latest update on the project.

We've deceided to end the recording sessions planned for this year so we can fully concentrate on finishing the rough cut for part3. It's essential for the production to get it done as fast as we can because we still have to plan reshoots in january and possibly february.

Part3 is taking us longer as expected but it's not an exception. During this production we have faced so much obstacles, having lost so much time due to several reasons, one being the constant patching of the BF2 engine. We are aware that we are seriously stretching the project. I hope you guys will forgive us once the movie is done even if it takes another 6 months to complete.

To ease the pain a little bit we will be releasing something special. We figure it will be around christmas time. So to all fans out there, come back soon for an update you don't wanna miss! ;)