Monday, September 18, 2006

It's been a week or so since my last post. Donkey has been busy with the compositing of shots from part2. 60% of it has already been completed and apart from a little bit of tweaking here and there, many shots are final. The rest of the shots will be composited as the production progresses.

That being said, we can proudly announce that we will (finally!) start shooting part3 this week. Donkey has planned an intense filming scheduel this week with 8 days of shooting in a row. I hope Donkey doesn't turn into a mad monkey after this :p

Here's a testshot we did in the early days to see the result of effects when raining.

I myself have had some bad luck with my pc. My psu fried last monday and after replacing it I've experienced some troubles with the motherboard and discs. Still figuring out what the hell is going on...

On a sidenote, Digital Warriors will be sending in The Fallen One to a machinima festival this year. It will take place in Hasselt on the 17/18th of november 2006. We hope to have a final version of Sands of Fire ready by then but I'm afraid that will be impossible. Visit the website at

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Another week has passed and we've been hard at work. Last sunday, I paid a visit to Donkey to discuss the semi-final cut of part2. Many shots have been tweaked and some scenes got deleted. We can safely say now, that we have a final cut for part2 and we're pretty pleased with it! :)

So this means Donkey can start working on the compositing adding effects and stuff whilst I will start experimenting with the soundtrack. I have quite some ideas as to add dramatic moments in the movie through the music so I will be testing this week.

With the new patch 1.4 we have to postpone shooting part3 as we still have to record shots in 1.3 (the horror!). We've also posted a new screencap!