Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hello everyone, it's time to announce the winners of the SoF Wallpaper contest. First of all, I would like to thank everyone that has participated in this contest. All contributions were extremely good and some of them were even beyond our expectations. But only a few can win and believe me, it wasn't an easy call.

Ok, here we go... and remember, there are no loosers... you are ALL winners!

The WINNER of the contest and the one that will receive the first prize is...

1. M4sterX

This is by far the most original and best technical contribution we've seen in this contest. It captures the mood and setting of SoF just perfectly. M4sterX has done an amazing job in adding elements/layers that tells exactly what we had envisioned. Also, the colors are spot on and remind us of the desert feel and look of Iraq. So congrats to M4sterX for creating an absolutely masterpiece.

And as we move on, the second prize winner is...

2. Stlava

Another fine creation and a good visual match with the color palette of SoF. Stlava paid a lot of attention to the screencaps of Sof and it really shows in this wallpaper. It also captures the essence what SoF is all about, all the elements (fighter jets, oilwells, etc...) are present and make us believe we are really at war in Iraq. Nice one Stlava!

And last but not least, the third prize winner is...

3. Rezo

This wallpaper was a tough call because it contains a few elements (like the explosion in the back) that we had already seen in other wallpapers. But in the end we decided to pick this one because it could be an exact screenshot of a scene in SoF. We have totally no clue how Rezo pulled this one off without knowing the content of the movie but no matter what, he managed it and the result is brilliant. Great work Rezo.

So these are the winners of the SoF Wallpaper Contest. Congrats to all winners and we will personally contact you on the forum on how to collect your prizes. I really hope you guys enjoyed it and I think it was a good opportunity for everyone to show their skills.

SoF status update.
The only thing we are working on right now is the final soundmix. Donkey is working very hard to complete the soundfx on each part. He has just finished the soundmix on part1 and has recently started to add soundfx on part2. So he definitely is making a huge progress. We will still need a couple of weeks (months) probably to finish a rough soundmix but once it is done we will only be faced with the last fase in post-production. Wrapping it up and making a final cut is something we are all looking forward to, isn't it? ;)