Monday, June 25, 2007

Here's another update. This month has quickly gone by and much work has been done. Two weeks ago I finished my work on the soundtrack, although I'm still hoping for someone to compose an original score. I'm pleased with this progression and I've finally started to work on the final cut. I'm tweaking, fixing and altering alot of shots, just to get it right. No additional compositing is needed for this process so it advances rapidly. I'm almost done for the first two parts and I'm about to begin on part3. Once all parts are cut together I'll make final adjustments, this is just a matter of weeks.

Meanwhile, Donkey has been very busy with the compositing. He's done an amazing job so far and what he has done the last few weeks just blows my mind. He has composited very complex shots with many different layers in a very short time. I think he's finally getting to a point where he is able to produce high quality images within a limited time frame. By working on this project he has gained alot of experience and the last couple of years finally pay off. Each day I'm very excited to see what he has done next. There's always something that amazes me. The images are so full of details, it's hard to see it all.

For illustrating the complex process of compositing frames with different layers I'll show you a small production clip Donkey has specially made. So you can see for yourself the amount of work that goes in each and every single shot. Btw, this is a final shot that will be included in the movie. I hope you guys like it.

Also, the status has been changed, not much, but we're slowly getting there. But at the pace we're working now things are looking good. The moral has never been so high because we're finally seeing the result of our hard work, all bits and pieces falling together and slowly completing the puzzle of this complex project.