Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sands of Fire Trailer HD from Davy Staelens on Vimeo.

Around Christmas time, as the tradition goes, the DW crew prepares for something special. And this year is no exception. Exactly 3 years after the first teaser and 2 years after the Christmas special (Preview), we are very pleased to announce the last and official SoF Trailer.

The previous presentations were both action packed and visually enhanced to portray the best visual style of this movie but this time however, we have focussed on the story. It's no secret that SoF is inspired by true events from current and past military operations in Iraq and with this trailer we are trying to give more details of what this movie is all about.

The trailer will hopefully convince the disbelievers and people who were going to give up on us. And for the fans that sticked with us, we hope this trailer will show that the waiting hasn't been for nothing. Remember, it's only a small presentation of what to expect in the final movie.

Some of the shots used in this trailer will look familiar. And yes, some of these shots were released in previous trailers or during the post-production of the movie but not in it's final shape. This trailer does show the final composit of these shots as they were edited for the best viewing experience.

The trailer is released in HD format but I have to note that it's not true HiDef. We believe this is the best presentation for watching on both standard PC and HD screens. So please do watch it in high quality and not on low quality streaming sites because it will definitely ruin the quality of this movie.

We hope you enjoy this small trailer and oh, Happy Holidays from the DW crew... cya next year :)

PS If you want to discuss this new trailer, please visit (and register) on our forum. I created a thread that you can view here.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I want to make a statement because both Donkey and I are very dissapointed at this moment. Apperantly, some of you are trying to spread false rumors. I don't know where this is coming from and have no idea who is doing it but it's not what we expected from our fans. So to make things clear once and for all, Sands of Fire is still in production, the movie will come out next year and it surely is NOT canceled. So please, stop spamming our blog with comments that the movie is canceled or that you have been waiting all this time for nothing. We are pretty much alive and kicking.

I know it's easy to post anonymously but please, don't abuse it. We have made this blog accessible to everyone because we stand for net neutrality. We don't want to enforce rules that users have to register before posting. And we want to keep it that way. But of course, if some of you keep on posting complete nonsense and fake stories we will be forced to delete those posts and ultimately, we will be switching over to a more secure system. So, don't ruin it for the fans that still care about this movie. I guess some people just don't have enough patience to sit this through. I can only say I feel sorry for those people because they really have no clue what they are waiting for.

So that being said, it's time for another update. Donkey is almost done with the sound editing. Yes, that's right. In contradiction to all the false rumors, we have in fact made a serious progression. He still estimates a few weeks of work to finish up the rough sound mix but after that we're all done with the sound. And then it's a big leap forward to the final production fase. We will start working on the voices and dialogues, definitely to be the most difficult part of the movie and we still have to decide how to take it on, with or without voiceactors. But we are (slowly) getting there. Oh and maybe you will find the release date on this envelope ;). Check it out!