Friday, October 5, 2007

Hi guys, time for another update... but this time I have a few things on my chest that I need to spit out.

First of all, both Donkey and I are getting a lot of questions lately from people asking us when the movie will be done. Ok, we don't mind people adressing us but there are limits. Quite frankly, it's bugging the shit out of us. So please people, do understand that we have both fulltime jobs. We are making this movie in our spare time and we do the best we can, as fast as we can. We are no machines, we both have a girlfriend that needs some attention, we both have responsabilities in real life that have a higher priority. We do the things just like everyone else. Please do realize, this project is huge and with all do respect to other machinima (makers and projects) I don't think anything like this has ever been done before, not on this scale anyway. So please give us some credit, it just needs time to be finished. And trust me, it pushes the limits from both of us and we're not like working with a crew of 10/20 people (like other similar projects). The only thing I can ask for at this moment (and yes I know it will sound cliché) is to have more patience. We are not delaying or withdrawing anything. The movie goes along as we planned.

Secondly, the movie will NOT come out in 2007. There! I've said it... that's right, the movie will come out somewhere in 2008. I hope that satisfies everyones questions. We realized that the compositing for part3 takes a lot more work than expected (because of the nature of the shots). And because of that I started to learn compositing myself. I have totally no experience in that field (of course Donkey is the big buff in this department) but I will do the best I can. I have all the reference files from Donkey's work so that's good for starters. The reason why I'm doing this is because I have finished my work and I want to speed up the finalization of this project. I realize it won't be easy but hey, it's better than sitting there and watching Donkey struggling through the scenes.

So that being said, let's talk about SoF. I've done a batch of new reshoots last week and I've already captured and edited them. So this week I'll be starting the compositing of these reshoots and once finished I'll be starting with the compositing of a 6 min scene. Meanwhile, Donkey is busy compositing a 2 min scene (which will be finished shortly). After that he will be compositing the final scenes of the movie. And we're really excited about that. Also, now that the cut of the movie is almost done I have a clear view on the running time. The movie will be playing around 45 mins (end-credits included). It's not as long as we expected but maybe in the future we will make a director's cut with additional (and deleted) scenes.