Monday, May 28, 2007

It's time for another update! The last few weeks, Donkey has been working very hard. He has already composited 20% of the shots from part3 so it's definitely coming along. Right now, he's been working on a nightvision sequence. You can see a screencap of this process on your right.

I'm also releasing some exclusive footage. Well acutally, it's a storyboarded sequence from a car chase drawn by Donkey (already a long time ago). We have done alot of storyboards like this one both on paper and digitally. I must say the storyboard comes pretty close to what we ended up with. If you think they look funny well let me assure you we had a blast with it too and there will be some others available for your viewing pleasure after the release of SoF.

Enjoy! :)

PS People been asking me why they can't click on the screencap picture to view it in full size. Well, it's a standard template in blogger so I can't change that but if you right-click on the picture and choose 'Save Picture as...' you can save it to your disk and see it in full resolution.