Friday, October 20, 2006

Hi everyone,

People have been asking alot of questions lately. When will the movie be released, how many weeks do you still need to shoot, are you going to make a BF2142 machinima, etc... Well, all questions will be answered... soon. We will have a nice surprise for you guys, just have a little bit more patience. I can't tell you exactly what it is but it'll be something to look out for.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with donkey to discuss some ideas for part3 which we have already started shooting a couple of days ago. We have setup a tight shooting schedule. With the release of BF2142 we will face a problem with our BF2 server. We have only a couple of months left to finish shooting before the server will be cut off. So, things have to be sped up from now.

Therefore, I have made a wager with Donkey. He has to finish a rough cut for part3 before sun 5th of november 11:00 pm. If not, he will have to buy me a dinner. If he's able to finish it before that date, I will have to buy him a dinner. Things will get pretty stressed next couple of weeks :D. But one thing is for sure, this is the first time since the start of this project, that we are looking at the final stages of the production.

PS the problems with my pc are solved, finally! never combine a maxtor sata disk with a nforce4 mobo cuz it sux :)

Monday, October 2, 2006

Yeah, it's been a while since a new update but here it is :)

Donkey has been working day and night to get all shots from part2 done. And yesterday I finally saw the result. Man, I was shocked to what I saw. Part2 will have lot's of gore and blood but it's the realism of modern warfare that we want to recreate. So the visuals show the hard truth and it is nothing compared to what the soldiers in Iraq are experiencing in real life.

We have an exclusive video for you guys that shows some of the gore, but be warned, the video contains violant material!

The movie will receive a R rating if we continue like this :)

And another element has been added to the site.... check out the new banner at the bottom of the page!

For now, we will be very busy the following days working on part3. And there has been a discussion between Donkey and myself if we would split up the movie in several episodes. The main problem is time, we have already 22mins of footage and part3 will be even bigger than the previous parts, and still have to include end credits. I'm afraid that the absolute 30mins running time will be exceeded. Therefore we deceided that we will have to cut some shots and maybe reintroduce them in a later director's cut release. Only time will tell :p