Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yes, we're still alive for those wondering ;).

First of all, we like to thank everyone that has commented on the preview. We have had many positive comments and we're very happy that everyone is excited to see it.

Now, for an update on the project, we are halfway the editing process of part3. We have come to the conclusion that some scenes that have already been recorded didn't match the storyline. So therefore they have been deleted. As a result of this we have to reshoot some of these scenes and we'll start with that beginning of february. Now, this will be tricky because we still have to install patch 1.41 and the server hasn't been patched yet. Hopefully this will be the last 'unannounced' patch cuz it's driving us crazy.

On a sidenote, Donkey has worked on a few new 3D animated shots that will be included in the final act of the movie, and it looks very promising! Can't wait to see the final composition. In the mean time I've been busy with mostly the editing and experimenting with the music. We are still considering the possibility of 'hiring' a score composer, but no luck so far. I really hope someone talented will pop up eventually.

I also would like to ask our fans to submit their vote for the online machinima awards. The Fallen One has been nominated in 4 categories; Best Film, Best Drama, Best First Film and Best Technical Ahievement. You can vote on this page. Thanks!