Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ok ok, some of you believed it, many of you didn't. And yes of course we played an April's fool, HAHA :D. So don't worry guys, SoF is pretty much alive and kicking. And Donkey isn't of course contacted by Weta Digital, he's good but not THAT good :p.
Besides, donkey would miss his mama's pizza's too much. Sorry for the people that almost had an heart attack :D. It was Rach from that gave me the idea, so blame him! :p

Anyway, for an update on the status of the project, it's looking good. Donkey has started his work on the final sound mix yesterday. And as I said in earlier posts, this will probably take a few more months to complete. Meanwhile I'm occupied in finalizing the visuals.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Newsflash. I received some incredible news today but it's sad at the same time. Daniele has informed me that he has been contacted by Weta Digital a few weeks ago. Weta Digital is the company responsable for the amazing visual effects in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. What I've been told, Weta Digital has talent scouts around the world that are on the lookout for skilled artists. And apperantly Sands of Fire caught their attention. Daniele has done a few animation tests recently and he has been accepted to work on a new animation movie that has yet to be announced. He will be moving out in a few weeks.

So, how will this affect the production of Sands of Fire? Well, it's difficult to say at this point because we are still in post-production. We were in the middle of sound mixing and that wouldn't be finished till after a couple of months. I'm afraid we have to postpone the project till further notice.

Although I think it's a great opportunity for Daniele it's especially sad for the fans that have been so excited since the announcement of this project. But I have no other option than to postpone our work for some time.

I'll keep you posted on what will happen next.