Monday, November 20, 2006

Hi everyone, here's another update and it's a huge one this time :D.

Where to start, so many things have happened since my last update. For starters, we have finally finalized the story for part3. There were some things that didn't make sense after seeing the rough cut so we came up with solutions. We are still planning recording sessions every week. The deadline remains, the recording sessions have to be finished by the end of the year, if not... we've got to pay the rent of the server ourselves. Not that it is a big deal but we just need to get it done. So we're still looking for actors if you're interested.

Also, last week we had something to look out for. A couple of months ago, DW submitted a copy of The Fallen One to the Animation Festival of Hasselt ( So Donkey and myself went to the screening last friday. It was the first time we saw it on the big screen. It was a nice experience and we hope to do the same with SoF in the future.

But maybe the most interesting thing we did the last couple of weeks was the creation of a Special Preview of SoF for the 5th anniversary of our clan LRRP. On saturday 18/11 we had a meeting with many members, first we competed each other in carting and later in the evening we had a bbq at one of the member's home. But the surprise still had to come later that night. We secretly arranged a beamer and some surround speakers and set it up after we had dinner. I think many of the guys were surprised at what was going on. Firstly, Garudad gave an impressive speech about the history of LRRP and after that it was time for the preview.

We created a dvd especially for this event. The dvd was mixed in both Dolby Digital and DTS as you can see on the picture and contained a preview of the still unfinished movie.

Members asked me if it was a trailer but in fact it was not. Some scenes were shown exactly as they will appear in the final movie. The total running time was 5 minutes. The first impressions were overwhelming and we got very good comments. I'm very pleased with this and I hope many members will be motivated again to participate the last recording sessions that we have planned.

For those interested in this preview, I have to disappoint... we will not be releasing it officially. But no worries, we still have something special coming your way.

Monday, November 6, 2006

I guess you're all eager to know who has won the wager. Well, as expected... I'm the happy winner. So donkey will have to buy me a dinner sometime soon and I'll definitely go for a 7 courses menu :).

Aside the bad news (for Donkey that is) I've also got some good news. The movie recordings for part3 are avancing very well. We've been schedueling recording sessions almost every day for the past 2/3 weeks. We've not had such a busy workload in this project ever. We've been very demanding for our clanmembers from LRRP who have to go through this process week after week. While it's not the funnest thing todo (Donkey & myself can get pretty angry when there's no obedience), we want to thank them and everyone else for helping us out especially the Italian clan [El].

Last week I've done a rough cut for 2 of the major scenes that will be in part3. I showed it to donkey yesterday and he was very pleased with it (that doesn't happen very often :p). So, we still have to shoot a major battlescene, 2 in fact. That will certainly happen this week when we have enough players.

Therefore we want to give the opportunity to our fans to be a part of the biggest BF2 movie ever crafted. If you want to be an actor in one of the scenes, send a mail to donkey and myself (see contact on the right bar) and we will get back to you asap. We will provide all details privately. However, some rules need to apply. You must speak at least english (dutch, french and italian are another option) and you need to have Teamspeak installed. Also, bear in mind that we have ECT (gmt +01:00). Our server is located in holland so pings from overseas can be bad, we prefer european players for low pings.

Cya on the battlefield!