Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hello, here's a quick update. Donkey has started compositing on part3. He has already done 20 shots of the 200/250 still to come. It's a time consuming process and it will take another few months to complete. The scheduled summer release is still feasible but it all depends on how far we will go. Post-production is coming along as we planned so things are looking good.

Here's a screencap from a recent finished shot.

The filters used in the movie are rather quickly done but especially the colour changes and special effects are taking alot of time. And we have quite some things up our sleeves. The overall look will change throughout the movie as you may know. The movie starts at night in the first part, followed by an afternoon setting in the second part and sunset/sunrise in the last part. The colors have to be carefully picked so it matches the right time of day. This is important to have a realistic day/night transition.

We also have been in the talks with EA and maybe there will be a future collaboration, but right now I can't comment on that.