Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hi guys, we're back with a new featurette. In this third featurette (of a 5 vid series), Little_donkey will be showing how to composit a shot from Battlefield. You can see the transition from the original footage to a completed, fully rendered, shot. Without explaining too much I think it shows the true hard work that goes into this process. Of course, the compositing work has been completed for some time and on this moment we are focussing on the sound mixing of the movie, which is one of the last steps of the production. But there is still some minor compositing work left. Anyway, here's the vid!

Concerning the status of the project, it's a bit slow for us at the moment. Don't worry though, this is temporary because both Donkey and I have had some time off of the project, due to vacation and holiday trips (also the reason why the featurette was overdue). Donkey went to Italy for one week (and will be returning for another 2 weeks next week) while I was in Londen for 5 days. So we both had some time to relax and enjoy a few weeks of food/booze and probably girls in Donkey's case :).

But not everyone has been so lazy as ourselves. MasterX (the guy that won the SoF wallpaper contest) has worked long shifts to finish a customized style for the SoF forum, in a way that it looks like this Blog. So we would like to announce a new and (visually) improved forum made by the very talented MasterX. Thanks bro for your hard work. We strongly encourage you all to register and have a chat with us at ... See you next time for featurette number4 !!