Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hi Everyone,

Well, StRuPiE is on vacation so I will post a small update myself. I'm still hard at work compositing the last part. And this weekend I did some very difficult shots with a lot of blood... Did I already mention that this movie contains lots of gore? ;) Anyway, it was difficult because the clothes and the ground had to be covered with blood and with a moving camera that makes it even more difficult. That's because the effects have to be tracked frame by frame. This method is very time consuming and I'll be happy when it's done. Although it's not perfect I'm satisfied with the results.

Also last week, I ran into some troubles with my pc and I had to format. But don't worry, the movie is safe and everything was backed up in time. It only slowed down my work. So what can I show you guys this time... ah well, if it was me, I would show you a part of the movie already but I'm sure StRuPiE would kill me for that :). Seriously, you guys have no idea how much I want to share this...just hang in there a little bit longer, we're almost done! But I do have something special to share... it's a new teaser, well... not exactly. You just have to watch it to see what I mean. A special thanks goes out to Dainiuxxx who animated the Battlefield2 models. Great work buddy!

And to give you an idea on how much is done I can give you these facts... I've composited 130 shots for part3 in almost 3 months. Maybe it doesn't seem much but I can assure you, it is A LOT! I still have to do approx. 100 shots and mosts of these shots will go fast. After that comes the more fun part and that's mixing the sound and music. This however will also be very tricky because there is so much happening in most of the shots and we didn't record any of the sounds during the recording sessions so all sounds have to be added from scratch.

Then the next thing on the agenda will be fixing shots that need a bit more work, like effects and color correction and a bit of tweaking here and there. And when that is done, we will be playing with the compression settings and making the final render. But we are not there yet so have a little bit more patience.

Greetz, Daniele aka Little_Donkey.