Monday, March 19, 2007

Hi guys, the reason why I haven't updated in a while is because we have an important announcement to make.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a wrap! :)

That's right, as of yesterday, Principal Photography has been finished. This is the first Milestone in the production of Sands of Fire. After 19 months of weekly recordings, filming has ended. But (there's always a but :p) don't get too excited about it, the movie isn't done yet. There's still much work todo. But from now on we can fully concentrate on post-production and the final release.

So where do we go from here? Well, for starters we still have to finish the final edit of Part3 (we're getting very close though). Once that's done Donkey will start with the compositing of the final cut. We estimate this will take another few months (probably 2 or 3) due to the complexity of most shots in the final act. We have already done some pre-vis shots and this will make it easier during the final compostion. See the new screencap to have an idea of what I'm talking about. I will be occupied with the music in the meantime (yeee-haa!). As you can tell, we're very eager to work on the final stages of the production.

The overall status (see bottom of the page) has changed as a result. Filming marks 95%, this means we still have to (re)shoot some minor scenes but nothing important and this will be done at the very end of the production. Can we estimate a release date yet? Well, we're aiming at a summer (blockbuster :p) release. If we don't have any more drawbacks (like my f*cked up pc) I'm pretty confident we can reach that goal.

I have a few interesting details on the recording sessions, these are rough figures cause we haven't tracked time during production. So for all the statslovers, eat your heart out :D.

Recording time: 19 months
Recording Sessions: 105
Average recording/session: 3,5 hours
Total recordings: 280 hours
Recording days: 75 (2,5 months)
Map restarts : 895
Average players/session: 9
Max players in session: 27
Teamkills: 10.546 :)
BF2 patches: (don't wanna know)
Beers (strupie): 63 cans
Water (donkey): 75 liters
Homemade pizza's from donkey's mom: alot

PS for those that have been following this blog already know that I've been dealing with alot of problems with my pc lately. Last week I got fed up with it and deceided to change it. So I engineered a completely new one, here are my new specs: Asus Commando, Intel X6800 (2.93ghz), 4gig DDR-2 800 (Geil), 1 WD Raptor 150, 2x WD Caviar 500 (for storage), Asus EN8800GTX, Antec case, Dell E228wft (22"). I'm pretty pleased, I can finally record complex shots in Fraps without experiencing frame drops. Wooptie! :D