Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hi there everyone!! We're back! Yes, we have finally found our way back to the blog.

I guess we owe you guys a bit of explanation. Alas, we've been away for more than a year without notification or updates. So here it goes. Last year in august, I became a father for the first time. This event lead to a point that choices had to be made. Obviously, the choice was to spend more time with wife and kid and spend less time with other stuff that I was occupied with. One of those things being SoF. With much regret I had to step back from the production of SoF. As a result, Daniele was the only one left in the production. It also lead to a shitload of work that had to be done by one person only. Furthermore, Daniele, in his personal life, changed work and became a full-time teacher 3D Animation/Effects and Machinimator in a school for afterschool students. Not to mention his work for this school and project preparations raised a lot.

So we hit this point where we both had no clue what the future of SoF part2 would bring. Honestly, we didn't want to mention this on our blog. We didn't want to dissapoint all the fans that stuck with us all those years. That would be heartbreaking to us, and I guess also to you. So we decided to put it in the freezer, well, sort of.

As weeks and months passed by wihtout update, people got suspicious of our situation and started to speculate. Would SoF part2 ever see it's birth? Well, I have some good news for you! Yes it will! Yes it definitely will!!

Why the sudden change? Well, a couple of reasons. First off, my kid is almost one year old now and it allows me to focus on old habits again, like working on the movie. Secondly, Battle-f*cking-field 3. OMG guys, this game will blow everyone's socks off, without any doubt. When we first saw footage of BF3 it blew our minds. We didn't ever think it was possible with the frostbite engine, but oohhh boy, did the techies at DICE made one hell of an updated engine! Sadly, it also made us aware of the fact that SoF (and BF2) looks outdated, oldschool in a way even. But that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing.

Daniele on the other hand, has finished his schoolyear and now has 2/3 months of non-school spare time. That allows him too to focus on finally finishing SoF part2. And he already converted all the shots in HD (which took a really long time). We decided that SoF part2 has to be released before the release of BF3. It's in a way funny that SoF will close the current BF2 period, just like The Fallen One was the closer of the BF:Vietnam period before the release of BF2. I guess it's meant to be. :)

So that leaves us doing what? We are now trying to get a locked version out of the current cut. Then we'll have to do a lot of tweaking/fixing (which already has been prepared on paper). Afterwards, it's fine-tuning and getting ready for release.
All this should be done before the release of BF3, if everything works out as currently planned. But reaching that goal or not, I'm pretty sure, you'll all be thrilled by now, knowing the release of SoF part2 is imminent rather than not having a release at all.

We promise you that part2 will continue the epicness of part1 and will be the final chapter in one of the greatest Battlefield war stories ever told.

Stay tuned for more updates as we're getting closer to the finish line, finally. Davy and Daniele signing out!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New update will follow shortly...