Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's time for the december update. Last month has been very productive in means of compositing. Donkey is halfway the process of finishing the last scenes of the movie and I'm currently halfway the 6 min scenes I talked about last month. So we've definitely made a good progress. Our goal is to finish a rough composited version by the end of this year so this leaves us with another 3/4 weeks. It'll be hard because the christmas holiday is around the corner. But on the other hand we are highly motivated because Justin will be working on the music starting beginning of next year. So we really need to get it locked down.

Where do we go from there? First thing we'll do is tweaking and fixing the compositing into a final version. We really feel that the visuals need to be finally ready. This will take us probably the first 2/3 months of 2008. In that time we will also start preparing for the final soundmix. We will need another few months for this to be completed. And this brings me down to the results of last months poll.

The results turned out to be very interesting. 45% of the visitors really want the movie to be released in 2008 (no matter what). Well, rest assured... that's what we are aiming for. 32% don't give a damn when it's released. That's truly amazing because I never expected so many people to be true fans of the project. 15% of the visitors think we are way over schedule and should have finished the movie ages ago and a minority of 6% are fed up with the delays. We had a total of 185 votes which I think is pretty amazing. So I want to thank all of you that voted and I've started a new one. This time we're questioning about the size of the movie. Are you willing to download a huge file for the best visual experience or do you want to see it rather in low quality? Cast your vote now!

And with this update Donkey has prepared another compositing vid. I think you guys will love it because this is another fine example how much work goes into the process.

I also enabled RSS feeds. So from now on you can have all the latest updates through the RSS service. Hope it makes it easier for everyone.

So that's it for this month, cya'll in 2008! :)