Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's time! Time for the release of SANDS of FIRE - Part One.

It's been a long journey. A journey with lots of obstacles. But we finally made it! And we are very proud we did. Today, we present you the first part of a two part movie that will unfold the story of a captured American soldier. Watch the movie and witness the true horror that American soldiers experienced during the first Battle of Fallujah.

There are lots of fans and community sites that have been continuously supporting us but we had to make a choise and we 'exclusively' selected as first BF-community site to host our movie! They have supported us all these years and never turned us down, even during the more difficult times and we are very grateful for it. So here it is... SoF - Part One on

03/30/10 Update! - Streaming version Online!

Mirrors - 2GB MKV HD 720p (incl subs in ENG/GER/FRE/DUT/POL)
Link provided by our sponsor / Direct link

Update! 200MB Linklist / 100MB Linklist



Have fun! And oh, for additional comments please visit our Forum.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Well guys, the wait is almost over!

Update on the release:
- Movie is done. We faced a few technical issues but the final tweaks and corrections have been added (= reason for delay).
- English/Dutch/French/German/Polish subs are done!

- Still waiting for the Spanish subs to come in (hopefully today).
- Official Site needs links to final release (our guy is working on it).
- MKV file still needs to be created (once we have all subs).
- Release of Youtube and FLV versions (will happen after the initial release).

SoF Pt.1 will exclusively be released on selected BF sites before official release. These sites will be announced on the blog! Maybe later today ;)

Important NOTE!
We will release the Movie initially as a MKV file (matroska). This type of container is NOT supported by WMP and you need a 3rd party Media Player to watch it. We encourage you to install VLC media player or any other Media Player of your preference. You can download VLC at this site.

One more thing. We don't want the movie to be converted to other containers or video formats without our knowledge. We have worked too hard too long to see it popping up in lower quality. So please respect this dicision. Don't go spreading it around in other inferior formats than the ones we (will) provide. A youtube version will be uploaded soon after the release (but not on the same time) so please be patient. Also, if you're the lucky owner of a Media Tank (Popcorn Hour, HDX, etc...) / Home Theatre setup, you can play the file with fullest picture and sound quality on your system. And I strongly encourage everyone to watch it on a Big Screen on first viewing. It will certainly add to the viewing experience!!

Watch the blog for more updates!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Good afternoon everyone! As promised, here's the latest status update on Sands of Fire Part One. And so far, it's looking good... really good! We've been working like mad dogs last couple of weeks and this weekend we reached our first Milestone in the 5 years of its production. We have finally wrapped editing and this means we are almost ready for release :)

We call the current version SoF1 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) because some minor things still have to be fixed (like framing issues, bad timings, visual artifacts, etc...). But these are rather small adjustments and don't take a lot of time to be fixed and we are hoping for a SoF1 RC2 soon after. We are also looking into the music with our composer Justin R. Durban and this will probably take a few more weeks.

I also have more details concerning the release format. We have decided to go for 3 different formats. First we will have a HD 720p streaming version on Youtube (without subs), Second is a flash version in lower quality on our main site (also without subs) and last but not least, we will have a MKV (matrosjka) version ready to be downloaded on various hosting sites. Why did we choose MKV and not WMV or AVI? Well, we wanted to have the best viewing experience possible and because we wanted soft-coded subtitles we decided to go for MKV (which is a losless container to support HD codecs and multiple subs). It's an all-in-one solution to the subtitling problem we faced. Rather to have a hard-coded solution we are going for soft-coded subs and it makes it much easier to convert.

So this being said, I have a request for all of you. I'm currently working on the English translation and will have it ready in a couple of days (prolly this weekend). I want the subtitles to be available in as much languages as possible. Therefore, I'm still looking for people that are wanting to help out on these subs. I'm currently looking for Spanish/Portugese/Polish/Swedish/... people that can translate from English. There's only one requirement though. You need to have a bit of knowledge about military commands and tactics. So anyone wanting to help out, drop me a note and I'll get back to you!

We have already people translating (so don't apply for these):
- English
- German
- Dutch
- French

So if you feel up to it, mail me!

Ohhh, and if everything works out the way we planned... Sof Part One should come out beginning of next month. Can't wait to show it to you guys, we are very excited about it and we hope you're too!

Cya soon!