Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hi there, here's another small update.

Donkey has done some minor reshoots this week. But unfortunately many of these shots will not be usable because we detected flaws in continuity. So we deceided to redo them 3th of september. Then we will also start shooting the first footage for part3.

Another exciting sequence has recently been completed. These shots will certainly blow your mind as I've never seen something like this before. As for the technical stuff, some of the shots contain over 25! composited layers... ranging from water effects, smoke and fire, particles and other eye candy.

As for now, we will be focussing on completing a rough (semi-final) cut for part2 before the start of part3. We expect this to take another week.


Sir. Side said...

Any more wip shots for us to munch our crummy hands over .:D

Slava "stlava" Markeyev said...

Now when you say 25 layers is that only in a single program or all together on full clip? Also what kind of a rendering time are you looking at here?

Little_Donkey said...

25 layers only one shot. All done in a compositing program. A shot that is about 50-80frames. so 2-3sec.
Some shots even passed the 25 layers.
The rendering times depends on the complexity of the shot, it can take from 5min to 1hour on some shots that on a AMDx2 4800+

New screenshots will be posted soon.