Thursday, August 24, 2006

Here's a small update. As you may have noticed, I've added some elements to the Blog. First of all, a new logo, DW will feature this logo in all future projects. Secondly, I've added webstats that visitors can check (see the bottom of the page). And last but not least, the integration of streaming movies to the site. Now, you can watch the teaser for Sands of Fire directly from the Blog.

We're also working on a mailing list, [LRRP]Garudad will try to get it online as soon as he's available. So in the future, you will be informed on any major changes or releases (trailers or other stuff). Come back soon for an update. Oh, RSS feeds are also available.

Concerning the production of SoF, we've done a reshoot for part2 a couple of days ago. Donkey has done a rough cut for a particular scene, I won't tell too much but it looks good ;). The days that follow we will be focussing on recording and tweaking the montage.



Slava "stlava" Markeyev said...

I know you are probably far off from a release date but divx has an sdk with a menu systems. It would be cool to have a divx file with the movie and then like behind the scenes, directors commentary ect... Here is an example of what I am talking about

StRuPiE said...

Hey stlava, thanks for posting and showing your interest in our movie. Well, the release could be sooner than you know ;) Anyway, the tool you are suggesting is something we defenitely will be looking at. It sounds very interesting and could add an extra dimension to the movie! Thx alot.

Slava "stlava" Markeyev said...

By the way here is an advanced example of the divx menu system and multiple audio tracks in use. PS looking froward to the release!!

Chris said...

Cant wait... gonna be great. Keep up the great work guys