Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finally, after 6 years, the wait is over! SoF has been finished and released! This is our way of saying goodbye to Battlefield2, the game that we so much loved.

update: A streaming version has been uploaded! Thanks to Sharpless for helping us with the link.


AtomicGamer.com: http://alturl.com/jvkf6
BF-games.net: http://alturl.com/wqn6y
Failcom.de: http://alturl.com/d56ef
Die-german-crew.de: http://alturl.com/tb4d9
Umadrama.com: http://alturl.com/t3zc2
Netload: http://alturl.com/5k23t

Gamehalle.de: http://alturl.com/45ehz

The movie is 43mins in length, weights 2,5gb and is encoded in MP4.

While downloading, we would like to take the opportunity to say a few words and to thank everyone that has been involved in this project one way or another. Especially all the members of our former BF clan [LRRP]. Two big thumbs go up for their hard work and perseverance. Without their support, this Machinima would never have been possible. So once again, thank you guys, you're the best, all of you!

Furthermore, we would like to thank all the BF communities that have been following us from the start. It hasn't been an easy journey, the movie has been postponed many times, but in the end, you all sticked with us, and that earns our deepest respect! So thank you for making this journey with us.

And without getting too sentimental, we would like to thank YOU! All the hardcore fans that have been with us since, well probably, the early days. The day that we released The Fallen One, almost 7 years ago. Many of you were probably still young on first hearing about SoF. I guess most of you turned from boys into men, started families, having kids, doing more important things in life besides gaming. We know you guys had to go through a lot during this production, speculations about whether this movie would eventually be released or not. But here we are, many years have passed and we survived. For all of you that are still with us, after all these years, thanks for not giving up on us. We made it, you made it and we're ready to celebrate this release with all of you! And to all the new fans out there, welcome to the wonderful world of Machinima, a medium that's slowly fading away.

As you'll probably know, we put a lot of effort in the post-production, explaining why this movie took so long to make. Not only did we spend a lot of time in creating the final movie, we also spent a lot of time in the trailers, work-in-progress movies, featurettes, wallpapers and other pieces of art. We all did it just to please YOU. We always tried to find a way to come out with something new, fresh and entertaining. We think you can all agree on that.

There are a lot more people we need to thank that were in some way important to our project but that list would be too long. But in particular, I would like to thank two very talented guys, who helped us to create the visual imagery. Dainius Gintalas (3D Animation) and Shwan Rasheed (Artwork) both contributed a substantial amount of work. They helped us to create the visuals we weren't able to pull off ourselves. Their contribution in this project is phenomenal! So thanks again guys. Also, an honorable mention goes out to Rich Metcalfe, the person that opened up our eyes on the right moment, at the right time. Without him, we probably wouldn't be talking SoF right now, so bro, Amen! 

Anyways, releasing this movie feels like closing a chapter in our lives. Six years of our still (well, maybe not) young lives seems so much, yet so little. All things come to an end, and so does the production of this movie. We've finally finished it, we're very proud we did. And we owe it all to you, the fans. This movie was made for fun and we hope you're having fun watching it. Remember, we're still no professional editors, we're still doing this out of passion for movie making, and no, we're still not getting any money out of this. Just saying, this movie came to existance because these two crazy creative minds collided and decided to make Machinima.

So that's about long enough for a release speech I guess :)

Still here? Go watch the movie already and let us know what you think!

Davy and Daniele signing off,
Thanks for watching!


FAIL!Communt said...

very nice piece of work. greets from germany and the FAIL!-Community. we provide you a mirror too:


Anonymous said...


To Davy and Daniele, it was worth everything you put into it!


-->This Dom's for both of you :]


Reach said...

Impressive what you guys did there. I followed SoF from start to finish and I enjoyed every moment of this masterpiece.

You guys should really be proud of yourself. Excellent Work!

Lucky said...

Nice work guys , I'm proud to be a part of this movie ! Great job !



Leeroy said...

So happy it finally came together. Downloading as I type :)

Well done, guys. :)

Tuner111 said...

Congazt Davy and Daniele !

now a Battlefield 3 movie ? xD

Greets Tuner111 ;)

Bizargh said...

I was at the point of shedding tears by the ending. After so many years of following your extraordinary work, it's all come to fruition.

You both, among those who helped you should be absolutely proud of yourselves. You have created a masterpiece in it's truest form, and given Battlefield 2 the best goodbye it could ever dream for.

I thank all of you for this unbelievable creation, and hope DICE is just as proud of you as I am.

JonnyThePonny said...

I´m so excited! And I just can´t hide it!


Kamikaze said...

Very nice!

I mirrored it on Netload


Toshi said...

As I am speechless... I'll just grant you with my best GG ever =)

Anonymous said...


I just learned about SoF, and I am truly impressed by your perseverance and determination, keeping a team and a hobby-project alive AND finishing it over 6 years of development is simply incredible.

In 6 years, you all changed, grew up and everything, yet you still stuck together and "conquered" that project, you are true heroes.

Whoever you are, I am proud of you all, and this machinima deserves success !

now, to the video :D

Anonymous said...

Will it be released on Youtube soon?

Omar Portillo said...

I hope that these will do other machinima movies because their movie impressed us all. Also, this made me think of making other machinima movies.

October 2, 2011 6:58 p.m.

Frostbeule said...

Thanks for everything

This is the best war-game movie i have ever seen. You guys are the Steven Spielberg and Gerge Lucas of the Gaming scene. Thanks for this masterpeace of work.

Sharpless512 said...

youtube version is online

PrivateSmokey said...

Totally Epic, great piece of work!

Congrats from
=ENG= England-Clan


Anonymous said...


We've also mirrored it on AtomicGamer:


Anonymous said...

Battlefield 3 video director appreciates sands of fire :)


Anonymous said...

congratulations and respect from a french team fan of bf2 !


Nils M said...

Thanks so much for completing it! Have been looking forward to it!

End result is amazing.

Kamigawa said...

Greetings guys.I'd like to congratulate you on the great job.It is amazing, I still can't believe it's released :)

Anonymous said...

After 6 years, and you guys never gave up. Respects & salute.

Lawful.Abridge.Verdict - BF3


Anonymous said...

Great Job !