Monday, September 18, 2006

It's been a week or so since my last post. Donkey has been busy with the compositing of shots from part2. 60% of it has already been completed and apart from a little bit of tweaking here and there, many shots are final. The rest of the shots will be composited as the production progresses.

That being said, we can proudly announce that we will (finally!) start shooting part3 this week. Donkey has planned an intense filming scheduel this week with 8 days of shooting in a row. I hope Donkey doesn't turn into a mad monkey after this :p

Here's a testshot we did in the early days to see the result of effects when raining.

I myself have had some bad luck with my pc. My psu fried last monday and after replacing it I've experienced some troubles with the motherboard and discs. Still figuring out what the hell is going on...

On a sidenote, Digital Warriors will be sending in The Fallen One to a machinima festival this year. It will take place in Hasselt on the 17/18th of november 2006. We hope to have a final version of Sands of Fire ready by then but I'm afraid that will be impossible. Visit the website at


Slava "stlava" Markeyev said...

That shot looks beautiful! Tinting looks great and the rain makes it look even better. Sorry if I seem intrusive but I'm actually very interested, I have a couple questions. It sounds like you guys are on a last moment crunch to get Sands Of Fire done. How much had been done prior to the release of the trailer (as in shooting and editing)? I mean I don't know how long your TRT (total running time) is but it seems that the release date has been prolonged for quite some time now. It almost sounds like there were technical difficulties (maybe bf2 patches). Also at this point are you guys looking at a realistic release date?

Little_Donkey said...

Hello Slava,
Thanks for the comment, that shot was the very first test shot for SOF. It was meant to know how far we could go with ambience effects. The finals looks better.
We started with the movie in june/july2005. Right now we have a 20min movie and i think the TRT will be around the 30min.

We had to postpone the movie several times, that due to patching, problems with bf2 engine and stuff. The bf2 engine has many flaws, and we can't do everything in it. so we try to hide those flaws. Thats why it takes so much time.

In the whole production process we worked a lot on the story, changing things, adding new things and so on.

as for a realistic release date?
hmmmm, It will be still in 2006

Slava "stlava" Markeyev said...

Thanks for the response. Keep up the good work!

50Euro said...

Rainy season looks good.. :D

VIshnuSixDix said...

Strupie, kick some Donkey-ass to get him working 24 hours a day. That way, you'll make good time and you'll certainly be able to send the d0pe-4ss result to the CityInMotion Festival. I'm thinking of paying it a visit just to see you guys again. Fol old time's sake :)

StRuPiE said...

nice vish! :D looking forward to see you again