Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Here's an update.

Little_donkey is wrapping up the editing for part2.
We will start shooting part3 once we have a rough cut for the first 2 parts. Looking forward to start on the final chapter of Sands of Fire.

Stay tuned as we will post some new screencaps of part2 soon!


Little_Donkey said...

Still hard working at it:D

Gravehunter said...

Less site , more movie !

but it does look nice

JS497 said...

jajajajaja , sands of fire

Vivement le film ^^
Donkul magne t fesses !


50Euro said...

Give us more!

[LRRP]Snipersonic said...

We want an extra teaser!!!!

Nice site :)

js497 said...

idd sniper and fifty !

we are your actors, we work very hard to be the top actor. i have musted to do plastic surgery to participed voluntarily at the film ! My family not rocognize me after, so we claim a extra teaser for us

it was the chef syndicate of association the depressives actors


syphon said...

Nice, now other people can check on a regular base how the movie is progressing!